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Javier Bikandi participates in the virtual workshop called "Experiences and good practices for an Open Government in Quito"

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The Director of Attention to Citizenship and Innovation and Improvement of the Administration, Javier Bikandi, participated last Friday, January 15, in the virtual workshop "Experiences and good practices for an Open Government in Quito". The General Secretariat of the Metropolitan Council of Quito, the General Secretary for Planning of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito, and the Citizenship and Development Foundation (FCD) organized the workshop. The FCD aims to promote citizen participation, transparency, open government and public innovation.

Quito has recently joined the Alliance for Local Open Government and is developing its first Open Government Action Plan, for which they are promoting workshops in order to fulfill one of the activities established in commitment 2: Strengthen the Open Council so that it complies with international standards for parliamentary transparency.

Javier Bikandi has participated with the presentation on "Accountability through government plans."