Luis Petrikorena collaborates in the publication: "Las personas al centro: experiencias de gobierno abierto a nivel local" from the Tribu Foundation in Chile

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The Tribu Foundation, which is an independent organization, without party affiliation and not related to political activity, is dedicated to the development of innovations for democracy in the fields of Local Open Government, Public Opinion and Collaborative Legislation, Civic Technologies and New Models for democracy.

This September, the Tribu Foundation, with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, has published a document that addresses the learning of three local municipalities with different characteristics and trajectories, around open government entitled “Las personas al centro: experiencias de gobierno abierto a nivel local” (People at the center: experiences of government open locally). For this, it has had the valuable collaboration of the Director of Open Government Luis Petrikorena.

The publication reflects the experiences in open government of the State of Jalisco, Mexico, the case of the Municipality of Renca, Chile and the Government of Euskadi, with completely different characteristics, but they share the effort to improve the performance of their governance under the principles open government.

Luis Petrikorena has highlighted in the publication that it must be built a shared model of open government “where the opportunities to meet, participate and collaborate in the generation of public value by citizens will be the same anywhere in the Basque Country, be it whatever the institutional level”. For this reason, the Director of Open Government points to citizens as the cornerstone of the design and implementation of public services.

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