Task forces by commitments 2021-2024

Groups by Commitments

These are the working groups for the execution of the commitments of the Plan. In them, they have to participate people that represent the citizen vision, the expert vision and the institutional vision on the matter

Commitment Leadership
#1 COVID19 observatory in the city and adaptation of services to the public
  • Donostia Town Hall
  • Basque Government
  • Bilbao Town Hall
  • Mestiza Association
  • Bilbao Women’s Council
#2 Budget Transparency And accountability tool
  • Gipuzkoa Provincial Council
  • Bizkaia Provincial Council
#3 OPEN ESKOLA: development and strengthening of citizenship.
  • Gipuzkoa Provincial Council
  • Araba Provincial Council
  • Innobasque
#Tool to promote the collection of proposals and adherents for citizens’ legislative/regulatory/policy-making initiatives in the Basque Country
  • Basque Government
  • Bilbao Town Halla
  • Arantzazulab
#ALTXOR: Online services and blended pilot offices providing information, guidance, brokerage and support for life projects for older people
  • Basque Government
  • Innobasque

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