Task forces by commitments 2021-2024

Commitment 1: COVID19 observatory in the city and adaptation of services to the public

Presidency of the Government, Public Governance and Self-Government
Office of Open Government
Project running

Plan to which it is signing up

Action Plan for Open Government in the Basque Country 2021-2024


From October 1, 2021 to May 30, 2024

Participants and stakeholders


  • Manu Narvaez. Donostia Town Hall
  • Koldobike Uriarte Ruíz de Egino. The Basque Government
  • Amagoia Ibarrondo. Bilbao Town Hall
  • Ana Molina. MESTIZA Association
  • María Aranzazu Otaolea. Bilbao Women’s Council

Envisaged timeline to implement the project

10/01/2021 - 05/30/2024

Milestones-Products Pending

Phase Start date End date Status
Definition of a system of accountability to citizens Ongoing
Modelling of the regulatory provision Not started
Contrast of the model and its validation Not started
Promotion of the model Not started

Milestones-Products Completed

Phase Start date End date Status
Establishment of the framework agreement group Completed
Analysis of the different indicators that allow the knowledge of the actual situation Completed
Search for sources and systematisation of data collection Completed
Identification of institutional actions aimed at alleviating the effects of the pandemic Completed
Composition of the comprehensive scorecard Completed
Management analytic systemisation Completed
Monitoring of extraordinary measures adopted and their effect on society Completed

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