Task forces by commitments 2021-2024

Commitment 4: Tool to promote the collection of proposals and adherents for citizens? legislative/regulatory/policy-making initiatives in the Basque Country

Presidency of the Government, Public Governance and Self-Government
Office of Open Government
Project running

Plan to which it is signing up

Action Plan for Open Government in the Basque Country 2021-2024


From October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024  

Participants and stakeholders


  • Javier Bikandi Irazabal. Basque Government
  • Ione Ardaiz. Arantzazulab
  • Miren Gotzone Zaldunbide Solaun. Bilbao City Council
  • María Concepción García Martos. Belaunaldi Galdua Association
  • Jone Gardoki Arriotua. Citizenship
  • Maite Cortazar Agüera. Llodio City Council
  • Ander Larrinaga. Llodio City Council
  • Ismael Redondo Rojo. Canal of the San Ignacio Neighbourhood Association in Bilbao
  • Óscar Blanco Hortet. Eupraxia Systems S.L.
  • Ignacio Romera Sobrino. Citizenship
  • Antxon Gallego Solaetxe. Ibatuz
  • Beatriz Akizu Aizpiri. Eusko Ikaskuntza-Basque Studies Society
  • Juan Carlos Alonso. Vitoria City Council
  • Amaia Zarrabeitia Salterain. Elhuyar Foundation
  • María Aranzazu Otaolea Velado. Bilbao Council of Women
  • Zelai Nikolas Ezkurdia. Basque Parliament
  • Mikeldi Zeberio. Emun Aholkulariak
  • Aitzol Batiz Ayarza. Kultiba
  • Carol Zabaco Pñerez. Barakaldo City Council
  • Leyre Vitorica Donezar. Bizkaia Provincial Council
  • Alex Lara Garacha. EJIE-Basque Government Information Society
  • Koldobike Uriarte Ruíz de Egino. Basque Government

Envisaged timeline to implement the project

10/01/2021 - 12/31/2024

Milestones-Products Pending

Phase Start date End date Status
Establishment of the final scope (decision on upcoming citizen participation initiatives such as the right to petition and others forming part of local, provincial autonomous regulations). Identification of the groups of people on which the digital experience will focus and on which it will not, based on design of the services Ongoing
Contracting of the design and development company Ongoing
Identification of elements to be developed from the point of view of the digital experience of the different profiles/citizen collectives Ongoing
Development of the functional aspects Not started
Tests of the system and of the experience Not started
Pilot project: dissemination of the experience and of the platform, collection of proposals, selection of the pilot project, co-management of the initiative Not started
Dissemination and management of the change Not started
Participatory assessment Not started

Milestones-Products Completed

Phase Start date End date Status
Final composition of the commitment group with participation of the autonomous, provincial and local administrations, of the Basque Government, and of organised and unorganised citizens Completed
Analysis of all regulations on legislative/regulatory/policy-making initiatives and international policy-making trends in citizens? initiatives Completed

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