A delegation from OGP Euskadi has participated in the European OGP Regional Meeting

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Rome has hosted the OGP European Regional Meeting on October 11 and 12, organized by the governments of Italy and Estonia. The European Regional Meeting has brought together open government leaders and interest groups to energize our community, foster collective ambition and generate new political support to make governments more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens, and tackle the challenges of our current region and worldwide. The main topics discussed on the agenda have been the fight against corruption, digital innovation and democratic participation.



Miren Martiarena Barkaiztegi, director of Open Government of the Basque Government and president of OGP Euskadi, and Maialen Olabe Aguirre, president of EGK and member of the Regular Forum, have attended this Meeting on behalf of OGP Euskadi. In addition to participating in different sessions of the meeting, Miren Martiarena has participated on behalf of OGP Euskadi in the round table entitled "Local Open Government: How Does Context Define Action?".