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Commitment 5: Online services and blended pilot offices providing information, guidance, brokerage and support for life projects for older people

Presidency of the Government, Public Governance and Self-Government
Office of Open Government
Project running

Plan to which it is signing up

Action Plan for Open Government in the Basque Country 2021-2024


From October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024  

Participants and stakeholders


  • Rafa López-Arostegui. Basque Government
  • Gotzon Bernaola Ariño. Innobasque
  • Santiago Larburu. Eusko Federpen
  • Karmele Peñagarikano. Eusko Federpen
  • Inma Sánchez. Eusko Federpen
  • José Ezkerra. Lares
  • José Agustín Arrieta. Agijupens
  • Félix Ortiz de Zárate (Las Cuatro Torres)
  • Rakel Cruz Remedios (Las Cuatro Torres)
  • Roberto Martínez. Nagusiak
  • Antonio Campos. Helduak Adi!
  • Miren Larrea. Helduak Adi!
  • Javier Fernández de Trocóniz. Secot
  • Joserra Ecenarro. Nagusilan
  • Mª Angeles Pérez de Albeniz. Bilbao City Council
  • Amagoia Ibarrondo. Bilbao City Council

Envisaged timeline to implement the project

10/01/2021 - 12/31/2024

Milestones-Products Pending

Phase Start date End date Status
Design of the prototypes (benchmarking and approach) with impetus for an Open Government Partnership (OGP) pilot scheme. Ongoing
Tendering, resolution and awarding of the centralised service and of the three pilot offices, with different models. Ongoing
Setting up the offices: fitting out the premises, forming teams and the office network (sharing, coordination and cooperation mechanisms, coordination with Zuzenean and other services and programmes of the government, centralised online services, training?) and preparing the 2022-2024 work plan. Not started
Deployment of the offices (opening, dissemination, task forces with institutions and older people, online activities, decentralised in-person and telephone assistance, etc.). Not started
Continuous assessment, with participation of users and recipients from 2022 onwards. Not started
Knowledge systematisation and transfer Not started
Final assessment Not started

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